Librarium is a curation of critically acclaimed books. This magazine allows readers to try the first few pages of great books instead of reading reviews. Librarium is ideal for weekend trips when you are between books.


The magazine is broken into three sections. The first section is new release books that are recognized by their covers.


The second section is for books, which are too old to be new and too new to be classics. They are recognized by title and author instead of cover and are represented with curated illustrations.


The third section is for the classics, which are so well known by name and even plot that they have to be represented in a fresh way to bring life to these old gems.


Each magazine provides an area for the reader to take notes about the books in the issue for later reference.


The final pages of the magazine offer a sneak peak of the next issue’s featured book.


This was a two month solo project.

Roles: creative direction, content curation, branding, concepting, layout, and typography

Tools used: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator